How to make your bitcoin transactions anonymous with is one of the best mixing services that offers the exchange of a certain amount in the crypto currency, breaking it into small parts and making it difficult to track transactions. This service has a good reputation and is in demand in the crypto currency community.

How to use

BestMixer accepts transactions to its own separately generated wallet for each user, mixes the transactions with many others, exchanging the funds for funds received from a bunch of other users, and makes sure that the bitcoin transactions are no longer associated with the original senders. Thus, the chain and the connection between the initial and the new owner of the bitcoins breaks off and it becomes impossible to track down who transferred money to whom.

The service is also engaged in many profitable activities that attract attention of the crypto community. Some of these activities are API for developers and the lowest service fee. The project’s members can get a special discount, which is automatically calculated depending on the number of transactions you make. After each subsequent transaction, the discount will increase in accordance with the chosen cryptocurrency.

Reasons to choose

Here is why you should use
• This is an absolutely anonymous mixer
• API is offered for developers
• Protection against blockchain analysis
• Support in multiple languages
• User-friendly interface
• The lowest service fee