Which ICO is the Best for Investing in 2018?

We’ll tell how to decide in which crypto to invest using ICO Catalog. It’s a service which collects everything about coins and estimates their indexes in numbers. Visit the website to know more about the cryptocurrency world.

There are some ways to analyze cryptocurrency. You can read posts on forums and create discussions, follow the main platforms and compare them with each other or use special services which do this work for you. ICO Catalog is one of such websites. Let’s look at how to choose coins for investment with the help of it.

Compare coins

A rating published on the main page collects information about almost 300 names of ICO cryptocurrency. They all are represented in numbers and indexes. The website analyzes tokens’ activity, potency, traffic, evaluation, messages, backlinks, and EAP. So it’s easy to understand which crypto is more profitable than the others.

Follow the tendencies

To find the right moment for investment one should look at ICO calendar. It’s a calendar where different coins are represented in circles to show where their dates of start and end are. So estimating a period when you can get the bigger profits is easy too.

Get knowledge

The mentioned website is a discovery for newcomers. There are many useful articles in which authors explain controversial points of view, compare wallets and services for crypto, and give basic information about tokens.

It means that choosing ICO for investment is possible in a short period of time. ICO Catalog is a great tool to compare popular coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin with those which have appeared a few days ago.