Searching for an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics? – We got you covered!

CRM software is on the rise. According to Gardner, this is the largest growing software segment and this is no surprise. There are so many things that a CRM can help with, especially for a growing online business. Sure, Microsoft Dynamics is very widespread being that it has been developed by the largest and widely known software developer.

Still, if you are looking for an alternative CRM we have a few great suggestions for you:


If you are looking for a solution that can cover a full customer journey the bpm’online CRM solution is a great choice. With practical design and low-coding requirements, it is easy to establish business processes. The out-of-the-box setup approach allows users to set up the whole thing quickly. Bpm’online covers everything from generating leads, making sales and continuous account management. Nobody can explain the depth of their system than the creators so check them out:



Another big name in the CRM world. They offer things like sales management, customer service, marketing automation and a lot of other options. One of their most important features is their graphic reporting which can help quite a lot with following results of your marketing campaigns and assessing the general sales numbers. They also offer social media support to help with managing all the most important channels. Here is their full offer:



Another CRM alternative which covers all the industry standards – marketing, sales, channel management, and support. Depending on your needs you can boost the functionality with add-on modules making the system more robust and filling the gaps the basic package may have. They also offer a cloud-based version and an on-premise installation of the system so you can choose what works better for you.           Check out their website for all the info:


As you can see there are a lot of options out there that offer similar and/or improved functionalities compared to Microsoft Dynamic. All you need to do is identify the best solution for you and make the choice. Cheers.