Push notifications – what it is and what you need it for?

One of the newest ways to attract the attention of a wide audience to goods and services is the technology of push notifications, being received on mobile gadgets of users or appearing in the browser. Compared with the traditional options for information, this method is characterized by speed and mass.

About push ads

Push ads are small-sized windows with advertising information that appear on top of all other tabs on your device. Any gadget connected to the internet is capable of accepting ads of this kind.

Appearing on the background of an open window, push notification unambiguously attracts the attention of the user. Since the size of the message is small, even for the time it takes to close it, a person has time to familiarize himself with the content of the notice. If there is an interest, a hyperlink is provided for more details.

At the moment, marketers face an even more difficult task. It is connected with the fact that it is increasingly difficult to promote goods and services every day. The information space is oversaturated with advertising, competition is constantly growing, especially in a global network that is more actively used than ever to apply unusual forms of promotion. Push notifications are one of the newest ways to deliver information to a potential consumer.

The specificity of push notifications is the targeting of information since each subscriber who has a registration on the network has a unique encrypted token.

When a user subscribes to the web, push messages will arrive on his PC. The direction of the same push notification to the mobile phone or another user is excluded since each site has its own token.

Push notifications submitted from the push monetization websites can be used in the following cases:

  • Online stores. Push notifications are used to increase the number of online sales. Messages can contain information about discounts on specific types of goods. In order to increase the effectiveness of push notifications, a preliminary division of the audience into segments is required.
  • News portals and blogs. This technology has long been adopted by the media. Their subscribers are already accustomed to reading notifications about the latest news on the topic of interest to them.
  • Statistics and figures. There are portals, which are a source of information that is very necessary for business people about exchange rates, growth, fall of shares, etc. Push notifications containing such information will be appreciated.