3 Types of Quality Assurance Services Which Improve Your Digital Products

Do you want to know more about the testing process? Read this article! On the example of Testmatick, a worldwide famous company, we’ll explain you which tests can be done, why you need them, and which one to choose from.

Depending on the app, game, or website you’ve created, the different tests should be made. We won’t explain why it’s a necessary step as it’s clear for everyone, who makes digital products. Instead of that, we’ll show you which quality assurance services are, and which company offers the best of them.

Type №1 – Mobile

Mobile testing is based on analyzing applications. The main goal is to find downsides to get rid of them in the future. When you choose a company for testing, pay attention to the devices they have. The testing should be made on the same gadgets as your users have, with the same resolution of the display and based on the same operating system.

Type №2 – Usability

It’s the most important test for developers as it shows the things interesting for the clients. At the end of the test one will know whether it’s convenient to use your website or not, does it take much time for users to understand the interface, and other important details. This type of testing can save you a lot of active users.

Type №3 – Localization

One of the most important tests for companies working worldwide. It helps to find the mistakes in translations, which can deprive users of your product. The tests contain finding the absent text and symbols which aren’t readable for native speakers.

All these types are in Testmatick’s list, so you can visit the website and choose the one among 20 options.